Saturday, March 17, 2018

17 of 31: Breakfast Pizza

Breakfast Pizza

In honor of the first Saturday of spring break, Morgan thought it might be nice to try a new breakfast place. He knows how much I enjoy brunch on the weekends!

So off to Letty Lou's Diner for breakfast on this fine St. Patrick's Day morning. Letty Lou's currently resides in our once favorite Mexican restaurant. It closed and Letty Lou's moved in. When we walked in, we could still see the remnants of the stucco walls and once brightly painted Mexican murals now replaced with typical diner decor including Route 66 and old soda signage.

I once read that when dining out, you should make your food selection and then immediately set the menu down to avoid "orderer's remorse" when your food finally arrives otherwise known as plate envy. You know how when everyone's food arrives and looks so much more delicious than the egg white omelet and fruit sitting in front of you. You totally regret not ordering the chicken and waffles!

Unfortunately, I have never been able to follow this sage advice. Instead, I pored over the menu as I sipped coffee smothered in fresh whipped cream. In fact, I had to politely ask our server for a few more minutes in order to make my decision...twice. 

Ultimately, I settled on the breakfast pizza. I'm a sucker for breakfast pizza. That being said, I was surprised when it arrived that I failed to remember that it was covered in gravy, which I usually don't care for. Much to Morgan's horror, I am not a biscuits and gravy kind of girl. But creamy sausage gravy peeked out from the golden edges of the pizza otherwise covered with scrambled eggs and pieces of crisp bacon intermixed with provolone and cheddar cheese. The crust was super crispy but not burnt. 

Unapologetically, I consumed half the pizza before even contemplating offering Morgan a bite. It was delicious, and now Morgan harbors the secret hope that I will come around to the biscuit and gravy idea eventually.

I cannot wait to return and try the breakfast quesadilla. 


  1. I've never even heard of a breakfast pizza. Glad you enjoyed it! Very nicely described!

  2. This breakfast pizza sounds like a delicious way to start the day. I love your descriptions of choosing off the menu and of the crust. If I hadn't just finished lunch, my stomach would start growling now.

  3. That sounds delicious! I wish you had shared a picture! Then I can drool over it too...

  4. I have never heard of breakfast pizza either. I loved your description of "orderer's remorse." I have this every time I go out to eat!