Wednesday, March 21, 2018

21 of 31: Out of the Mouths of Babes

Out of the Mouths of Babes

So I met some friends of mine for dinner tonight. This entailed one couple, their three kids, and another friend. It was the perfect venue. There was a free pinball machine and firepit at the restaurant, which afforded the kids ample entertainment as the adults visited and caught up on the goings on in each other's lives. 

We enjoyed pizza and wings and the kids definitely enjoyed having the run of the establishment. It wasn't until dessert that I fully understood the beauty and hilarity of little people.

No sooner had my friend's husband and I been discussing the funny things that kids say than their middle child (all of 7 years) looked over at his mother with full whipped cream goatee and said that he couldn't wait to be fat like his mommy. 

Now his mommy isn't fat. She isn't a waif, but she is nowhere in the realm of fat, yet her son managed to look at her and say that. I can't help but wonder what shaped his ideas about fat as I chuckled into my napkin so as not to encourage his diatribe. 

That's when I realized that babies have no idea of what they say as amusing as it may be, and that they absolutely have no understanding of the hurt feelings they may cause.

Yet out of the mouths of babes comes some of the most entertaining if not heart wrenching sentiments ever heard. 

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

20 of 31: A Perfect Day for Tea

A Perfect Day for Tea

So I hear that it is the first day of spring. Sadly, it is the second day of my spring break and the sun has yet to shine and the all day high is hovering right around 45, which is not quite high enough to warm the cockles of my heart...or toes...or finger tips...or nose! 

Since I am usually at work this time of day, the thermostat timer is set way 61 degrees low. Which helps to explain the numbness in my extremities right about now. 

But which is also why my delight abounds as I type this very post. For just to the right of my laptop sits a steaming mug of English Breakfast tea. In fact, it is so hot, that I will probably complete this slice before being able to take another sip. I'm gazing longingly at the tendrils of steam that gently swirl above the mug out of the corner of my eye as I type. 

If you've been reading my slices, you might remember that Morgan gifted me my first teapot out of the blue and it arrived last night. A beautiful Zen Kettle made by Le Creuset. Its deep merlot colored base slowly lightens to a bright cherry top at the lid. It brings the right amount of vibrant color and zen to my kitchen as well as my heart. 

My kettle is easy to pour and sings its sweet whistle in a jiffy. And bonus, I don't have to worry about water exploding in the microwave anymore. In fact, I may very well donate the microwave and get some counter space back. Morgan's thoughtful gift boosted my mood tremendously.

I hate to cut today short, but really, my tea and a book are calling my name on this chilly, gray day!

Monday, March 19, 2018

19 of 31: The Wink

The Wink

Best Chick-fil-a lunch ever! My 22-month-old nephew, Wyatt, showed off his latest skill today when I met him and my sister Sarah for lunch. And though I may be biased, it was amazing. His little pink tongue poked out the side of his mouth (coincidentally the same side as his winking eye) and his tiny button nose scrunched up as he managed to close his right eye. Clearly his fine motor control required immense concentration and provided his mother and me with ample entertainment as we awaited our chicken nuggets to be delivered to our table. Once he knew he had one eye closed, his tongue momentarily disappeared back inside his mouth. Definitely a bit more pirate and conspiratorial in nature, this kid's wink will take him places!

Sunday, March 18, 2018

18 of 31: Lucky


I'm lucky because:

  1. My sister made our mom's lasagna for family dinner tonight, and my family came together to break bread. I enjoyed a delightful time in spite of the fact that my 22-month-old nephew threw up all over me and his mama's new carpet! Yucky quote him right after.
  2. My amazing friends are more thoughtful than I could ever dream of being and thus inspire me to be better.
  3. I have this entire week off work to rest, rejuvenate, and replenish my resolve to tackle all the items on my to-do list.
  4. I can order books from Amazon whenever I want and they appear on my doorstep within days. That is ridiculous!
  5. Morgan is currently putting dishes away and getting coffee ready for the morning. I count my blessings every day that I have such a committed and loving partner.
  6. I have a home, my health, and Netflix.
  7. The grass is finally turning green, which means winter is almost over!

Saturday, March 17, 2018

17 of 31: Breakfast Pizza

Breakfast Pizza

In honor of the first Saturday of spring break, Morgan thought it might be nice to try a new breakfast place. He knows how much I enjoy brunch on the weekends!

So off to Letty Lou's Diner for breakfast on this fine St. Patrick's Day morning. Letty Lou's currently resides in our once favorite Mexican restaurant. It closed and Letty Lou's moved in. When we walked in, we could still see the remnants of the stucco walls and once brightly painted Mexican murals now replaced with typical diner decor including Route 66 and old soda signage.

I once read that when dining out, you should make your food selection and then immediately set the menu down to avoid "orderer's remorse" when your food finally arrives otherwise known as plate envy. You know how when everyone's food arrives and looks so much more delicious than the egg white omelet and fruit sitting in front of you. You totally regret not ordering the chicken and waffles!

Unfortunately, I have never been able to follow this sage advice. Instead, I pored over the menu as I sipped coffee smothered in fresh whipped cream. In fact, I had to politely ask our server for a few more minutes in order to make my decision...twice. 

Ultimately, I settled on the breakfast pizza. I'm a sucker for breakfast pizza. That being said, I was surprised when it arrived that I failed to remember that it was covered in gravy, which I usually don't care for. Much to Morgan's horror, I am not a biscuits and gravy kind of girl. But creamy sausage gravy peeked out from the golden edges of the pizza otherwise covered with scrambled eggs and pieces of crisp bacon intermixed with provolone and cheddar cheese. The crust was super crispy but not burnt. 

Unapologetically, I consumed half the pizza before even contemplating offering Morgan a bite. It was delicious, and now Morgan harbors the secret hope that I will come around to the biscuit and gravy idea eventually.

I cannot wait to return and try the breakfast quesadilla. 

Friday, March 16, 2018

16 of 31: Where's My WiFi?

Where's my WiFi?

It is my first day of spring break, and I was able to sleep in a bit, enjoy coffee in my comfy sweats that are usually reserved for lazy Sunday mornings, and finally watch the season four finale of The Blacklist all while I waited for my internet provider repair person to arrive somewhere between 9-10 AM. 

Said repair person arrived around 9:45 AM. I escorted him around the property to figure out how to get the new fiber WiFi line to the house. Apparently fiber is faster, more reliable, and cheaper. A win-win that will save money and allow me to watch Netflix with fewer glitches. 

Once he decided upon his plan of action, we walked back inside the house while making small talk. 

It was all my fault. 

I mentioned spring break. That led to questions, which led to answers, which led to over a two hour conversation in my kitchen. All the while no fiber moved any closer to my house. Though I found the conversation fascinating, I also found myself occasionally wondering how to politely end it. I hadn't yet brushed my teeth for pete's sake. I was not prepared for nor expecting a two hour and twelve minute conversation. 

That being said, I learned a lot by just listening. Almost as if it were a social science experiment. I had two simultaneous conversations. One with him and one with myself about the one I was having with him. I learned that I could be engaged in a conversation that I just couldn't talk my way out of.

Clearly, he needed to talk. Either that or he was scheming to ensure that I was his last appointment for the day!

As it stands, I'm typing right now because it is going to take him two hours outside getting the line to the house and then I'm not sure how long to get the line into the house, and I may be without my WiFi for a good long while.

Thursday, March 15, 2018

15 of 31: My Spring Break Staycation To-Do List

My Spring Break To-Do List

  • Buy St. Pat's t-shirts in honor of my Irish heritage...because isn't everyone Irish on St. Patrick's day?
  • Read 92 8th grade memoirs. I love the reading and's the "grading" I don't so much like!
  • Take the pile of clothes that is overtaking my home office floor to the donation center.
  • Buy new shower curtain rings that will not rust.
  • Clean said rust off the shower curtain rod so that the shower curtain can be pulled closed without excruciating squealing of metal on rusty metal.
  • Be home for the electrician to replace our entire home's breaker box. The last time it rained, I noticed water was leaking from said breaker box. Water + Electricity = Nothing Good.
  • Be home for the Internet person to come and magically make it so that I can stream Netflix without interruption or glitches. *Bonus - first time in history that I'm getting an upgrade on my wireless service that will actually save me money! 
  • Take advantage of my monthly float tank membership. Deprive all of my senses in a float tank for 75 minutes. No light, no music, and as little movement as possible results in more relaxation than a massage at the Four Seasons!
  • Practice yoga at least 5 times.
  • Walk 3+ miles at least 5 times.
  • Finish the memory book that I started at my first ever writing retreat.  
  • Start the other memory book that I thought I would have time to finish at my first ever writing retreat. Really? What was I thinking? This writing about a memory business takes an extraordinary amount of time for me!
  • Clean my house. (This is actually going to be at the bottom of the list in reality, but sits a little higher on the list in theory.)
  • Secret Summer Mission Preparation - don't bother's a secret, silly!
  • Get an oil change.
  • Reread To Kill a Mockingbird to prepare for my last unit of the year.
  • Read all the other books that are haunting me from my nightstand...or at the very least the sequel to Scythe.
  • Find a way to make Morgan feel appreciated since I just came home from a long night of parent-teacher conferences and he giddily told me he ordered me a present. He made me guess, and after a few hints, I figured out that he ordered me a teapot. I have wanted one for so very long, and he thought it would be just the right spring break gift so that I could make myself tea while I tackle my to-do list. Let's just say he set the bar pretty high as far as thoughtful, out-of-the-blue gifts go! 
  • Visit the History Museum's Civil Rights exhibit. 
  • Get some much needed sister time with my baby sister and her adorable toddler...preferably a little of both one-on-one. 
  • Dinner with my B.S. Dinner Club (that stands for Bangers in Bangers and Mash...this is still a school appropriate blog folks).
  • Have coffee with my Save The World Club, which is a group of extraordinary educators, social workers, interesting people whom I call friends. We now set monthly meetings to get together and catch up on the happenings in one another's lives since we all seem to be so busy that we have to schedule an outing a month in advance.
  • Send my other sister a birthday present.
  • Get a haircut...long overdue. 
  • Did I mention sleep in...
Wait, who am I kidding??? Sleeping in isn't part of the program if I need to accomplish all these tasks in the next 10 days.