Friday, March 16, 2018

16 of 31: Where's My WiFi?

Where's my WiFi?

It is my first day of spring break, and I was able to sleep in a bit, enjoy coffee in my comfy sweats that are usually reserved for lazy Sunday mornings, and finally watch the season four finale of The Blacklist all while I waited for my internet provider repair person to arrive somewhere between 9-10 AM. 

Said repair person arrived around 9:45 AM. I escorted him around the property to figure out how to get the new fiber WiFi line to the house. Apparently fiber is faster, more reliable, and cheaper. A win-win that will save money and allow me to watch Netflix with fewer glitches. 

Once he decided upon his plan of action, we walked back inside the house while making small talk. 

It was all my fault. 

I mentioned spring break. That led to questions, which led to answers, which led to over a two hour conversation in my kitchen. All the while no fiber moved any closer to my house. Though I found the conversation fascinating, I also found myself occasionally wondering how to politely end it. I hadn't yet brushed my teeth for pete's sake. I was not prepared for nor expecting a two hour and twelve minute conversation. 

That being said, I learned a lot by just listening. Almost as if it were a social science experiment. I had two simultaneous conversations. One with him and one with myself about the one I was having with him. I learned that I could be engaged in a conversation that I just couldn't talk my way out of.

Clearly, he needed to talk. Either that or he was scheming to ensure that I was his last appointment for the day!

As it stands, I'm typing right now because it is going to take him two hours outside getting the line to the house and then I'm not sure how long to get the line into the house, and I may be without my WiFi for a good long while.

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  1. This has happened to me on more that one occasion! Appliance repair people are the worst. I think they are very friendly people who spend a lot of time alone, so a captive audience is welcome to them. Also, the appliance repair guy is being paid by the hour, so the whole time he's talking I thinking about how much it's costing me! Luckily he took an hour off the bill last time and admitted he'd chatted too much.