Wednesday, March 6, 2019

6 of 31: The Drive Thru

This morning, I was able to take my time as I got ready for my day. Due to professional development, my start time was moved back by about an hour and a half. Yet, I am a creature of habit. I fear deviating too far from my very rigid morning routine because I might just omit brushing my teeth. (That actually happened once and I was mortified!)

So here I sit in a conference room an hour before the official start time reflecting on the quiet. And I use that term loosely because this mammoth room is heated and cooled by a gargantuan HVAC system that blows out air so loudly you literally have to raise your voice to be heard. I'm willing to wager it's about as loud as hurricane force winds without the fear of flying debris.

Suddenly, I realize that I could slice early today. My normal routine is to slice in the evenings, but I could use this time, right this very minute to do some writing. The problem is that not much has happened yet in my day that I consider slice-worthy.

And then it hits me...the drive thru. I pulled through the drive thru this morning and was greeted by a chipper voice inquiring, "What brought you in today?"  His friendly baritone actually made me feel a little cheerier this morning. He managed to phrase his question in such a way that I found myself daydreaming of my retirement when I, too, may have the opportunity to man the headphone in a drive thru brightening the mornings of strangers as I pass them hot coffee or tasty treats. I wanted to tuck this phrase in my pocket and save it until I could use it later. Silly, I know, but that is what I pondered as I inched up the through the line snaking around the building.

I mean it's such a convenience. You don't even have to get out of the car. What could be better than that...aside from finishing my slice before 8 AM?


  1. Liz--I always keep a toothbrush, a tube of toothpaste and a deodorant stick in my car for that very reason. Rushing sometimes results in things not getting done. I ASSume I will not leave the house without getting dressed. It's hard to walk out the door without shoes and not notice it. However other things could go undone and be missed... until it's too late.

    I love that you're already planning your retirement... ;)

  2. The kindness of strangers makes me feel better about the world!

  3. Ha, I keep a toothbrush and toothpaste with me too--in my desk at work, in my car, in my purse. I just never know when I will NEED to brush my teeth! I love having a leisurely morning too. Isn't it nice to have your slice already done for the day? I have a coffee shop fantasy for retirement too!