Tuesday, March 7, 2017

7 of 31: Sorry Richard Simmons, My Heart Belongs to Shaun T.

One Week Strong!
The beautiful island of Kauai is the "Green Isle" of the Hawaiian Islands. I have the good fortune of traveling there for a week this summer. And so I have decided to get my beach body in shape. As of late there is a noticeable bounce in my step, and by noticeable, I mean there is way too much bouncing when I step!

I pulled the dusty T-25 DVDs out from the bottom corner of the shelf under my television. It's easily been three years since I last used them, but my determination was fierce. I cleared an area of the basement as a makeshift workout room and created a space for my old laptop, speakers, and workout mats. I was ready to do this!

Enter Shaun T. You might know him from his Hip Hop Abs workout circa 2003, which garnered him and his abs the spotlight on many an infomercial. He has sculpted abs; in truth, he has sculpted everything. He is not hard on the eyes, and so I thought if anyone is going to encourage me to do mountain climbers, lunges, and squats, oh dear lord the squats, that it might as well be someone I actually enjoy watching. Sorry, Richard Simmons, but Shaun T. plays better music. T-25 boasts that in just 25 minutes, six days a week, you, too, can have a beach body worthy of spreading your beach blanket next to Shaun T's.

Week 1 - I completed the first DVD, 25 minutes of cardio exercise, exactly twice. I reserved a few choice words for Shaun T. in the privacy of my basement. By the end of each workout, my legs felt like sandbags unwilling to cooperate and much too heavy to actually belong to my body. I was sore. Really sore. The rest of the week was spent in the yoga studio stretching my muscles so that I could walk without a noticeable limp.

Week 2 - I'm one for one. I successfully completed the cardio workout last night without incident. I even walked up the steps without any pain this morning. I'm actually starting to hold out the slightest bit of hope that there might be something to this. I might be ready for the second DVD, speed 1.0. And I cannot lie, I feel a little bit of hardened muscle where there was only softness before. I feel accomplished and victory. I'm staring 40 in the face, but I can still kick it with Shaun T!

Let's hope I can carry forward with this blog and T-25. Stay tuned!


  1. I love Shawn T! I did Insanity and loved it!

  2. Ha - I love your sense of humor here! I think you took the most important step by even starting. Good for you - you can only get better from here!

  3. Oooh, what an intense challenge! You'll have to let me know if you like it--I've always wondered if programs like those work!

  4. Yes, this sounds like an intense challenge! You should slice right after a workout and see what rolls on to the page! ;-) I love this - "I mean there is way too much bouncing when I step!" Funny!

  5. Woohoo! You go! Best wishes for a successful beach body, and 31 days of writing!

    It made me laugh out loud when I saw this: "As of late there is a noticeable bounce in my step, and by noticeable, I mean there is way too much bouncing when I step!" It had just the effect on my that I imagine you wanted it to have.

  6. I'm a big Shaun T fan too (I even wrote a blog post about him too!). I've been on a yoga kick for the past few months and stopped my daily workouts with Shaun T, but I'm thinking of getting back to it. I've got that same bounce going on that you're talking about.