Wednesday, March 29, 2017

29 of 31: A Couple of Lists

I was inspired to compose this list based on one of my 7th graders slices listing things she loved and things she hated. When I read it, I had this nagging feeling that I had heard such a list before. It wasn't until I was on my way home that I remembered that Eric Stoltz starred as Rocky in the movie Mask along with Cher, who played his mother, in 1985. If you have never seen this movie, it is definitely worth watching.

These are the things I love:
Sitting at the bar of a sushi restaurant marveling at the skill of a sushi chef
Someone's face lighting up when they see me
Watching a student find that just right book for the very first time
Sitting around a campfire under the stars and surrounded by woods and gurgling water
Books, books, books
Coffee with Italian sweet cream
Fat flakes of snow swirling around during a snowstorm
My family and my friends
Holding a small baby and falling asleep
And the rain falling on my head

These are things I think are a drag:
(to the best of my memory, those were Rocky's words in the movie)
Assigning grades to children's writing and thinking
Unnecessary meetings
High-stakes standardized testing
Yard work, especially when four sweetgum trees are involved
No longer being able to sleep past 8am on the weekends
Overhead fluorescent lighting
And the rain falling on my head


  1. Oh for sure those things are a drag!! I SO wish we could STOP assigning grades to students writing & thinking...or how about their reading?! Maybe I think grades in general are a drag.

  2. I am so sad we didn't have any of those beloved fat flakes of snow in Ohio this year! That is tops on my That's a Drag list!

  3. Oh, I am 100% in agreeance with your "Drag" list! I also hate fluorescent lights, as you well know! And for your list of loves, I must say, I am excited to hold my twin nieces and possibly fall asleep with one (or both!) of them!

  4. Oh I just love the last lines! So clever and poignant. This is such a great list on both sides. It reminds me of a piece from Teen Ink called I Like/I Hate

  5. Love that "And the rain falling on my head" is on both lists! This is a great list.