Saturday, March 25, 2017

25 of 31: Happy to Be

This slice was inspired by a post that I read yesterday.

Happy to visit his family farm's sprawling fields of cut corn stalks,
unshaven stubble poking out.
Happy to escape the city and wander through the purple henbit,
another beautiful reminder that spring's about.

Happy to amble along a forgotten train line
now invisible beneath the chat.
Happy to wander his childhood playground
of barns, fields, fences and the occasional animal track.

Happy to don sunglasses to keep from squinting under the bright, bright sun,
Happy to hold his hand as he recounts escapades of his younger years quite fun.

Happy to understand a childhood and life so different from my own
Happy to learn of the wonders of the woods so seldom known.

What makes you happy?


  1. I love this structure and the tone of your poem!

  2. Reading amazing, beautiful poetry like this makes me happy!

  3. Love this line, "Happy to learn of the wonders of the woods so seldom known."
    Nice poem!

  4. This is beautiful; you tell so much without using too many words. The last two lines are my favorite. ~JudyK

  5. My favorite line is about the unshaven stubble poking out...what a great way to describe cornstalks!