Sunday, March 12, 2017

12 of 31: Twelve Truths on the Twelfth

Thanks to a post I read yesterday ("SOLSC Day 11: Truths"), I was inspired to write my own list of truths.

So here are 12 of my truths on this twelfth day of March:

1.  I love couch-potato Sundays, especially when Morgan is cooking in the kitchen, and I can smell his concoctions from my reclined position. (Sometimes I take off my fitbit to remove any physical evidence of how few steps I take on these Sundays)

2.  I would rather read a book than watch television. (I must admit that the occasional Netflix binge does interrupt my reading from time to time)

3.  I love superhero movies. Iron Man, Thor, Superman, or even better Superman vs. Batman, Transformers, X-Men, you name it, I'll go the movie theater to watch it! (I will probably also buy the DVD once it's released)

4.  I love my nieces and nephews and secretly wish they could be a bit more like Peter Pan and never grow up! (So I will always have my ruse to see animated movies at the theater)

5.  I think I prefered life before cell phones. (I unplug from mine as often as I can)

6.  I still confuse my right and left. (Morgan knows to point so that I will turn the correct way while driving or when he's driving he'll point just to verify I actually meant the direction I said - it's usually about 50-50)

7.  I am a terrible speller. I had to look up how to spell twelfth. (I blame it on seeing so much inventive spelling from my 7th graders that I can no longer discern how words are actually spelled, but the truth is that I think I gave up when I lost a 6th grade spelling bee because I couldn't spell canoe)

8.  I hate running. (I'm only going to run if I'm being by a rabid dog or something equally frightful)

9.  I love yoga and think we should incorporate an hour of yoga and mindfulness into our schools each and every day. (I really think this could make all the difference for many children...and teachers)

10. Pop music from the 80's makes me tremendously happy. (Morgan tolerates this passion but doesn't quite understand it)

11. I have already started to count the days remaining until summer vacation (I'm a chronic counter...I also count how many papers I have left to grade even when I just counted two papers ago)

12. I really didn't want to participate in this writing challenge. (But I'm so very glad that I did...even on the days when it is really difficult to write)


  1. I love this format and am totally borrowing it myself! Thank you for the inspiration. I agree with what you say about yoga and mindfulness--would make all the difference for so many kids and teachers. I'm also glad to know I'm not the only one who counts how many papers I have left to grade. This is my first visit to your blog, I think, so I'm off to read some of your older slices!

  2. I like your format! I think I will borrow it! I agree about yoga and mindfulness, too. My time on the elliptical is a great way for me to start the day--time to think about the day or to not think at all.

  3. We are glad to joined us as well, Liz. I love your list of 12 and can so relate to many especially Couch Potato Sundays. In the last year of my full-time teaching career we created Mellow Sundays... We were out of the house but no school work allowed. :)

  4. This is a wonderfully copyable format! I like how you revealed so much in so little words. I have to work on that. I am so happy you participated because you are inspiring me.

  5. This is really fun, informative and, I'm guessing, makes you really dig deep. I love the essentials. I have a tendency to be wordy. Working on being concise is always a struggle for me, so this might be a helpful exercise!

  6. Number 2, 6, 8, 9, 10 - that's me!! Just wondering if you are a leftie because my friends (the lefties, of course) think we lefties always struggle with left/right.
    Love your list - I think I'll try one!

  7. This was perfect! I love the format

  8. Great slice. It gives a lot of insight into you and your life. Thanks for sharing.

  9. Oh, so stealing this format for a day when I'm stuck for what to write about! Re: number 12...I'm glad you joined too!

  10. One of the best thing about reading so many slices is getting so many ideas. Thanks for a fun post!