Saturday, March 11, 2017

11 of 31: My Not So Smart Alarm Clock

Just two days ago, I wrote about sitting under a sycamore tree and reading outside bathing in the warmth of a bright spring sun. This morning, I awoke to a very light dusting of snow on the ground reminding me of chilly mornings in my youth when my mama sifted powdered sugar atop golden pancakes.

I snuggled back underneath my beige comforter hiding from the slight chill in the air while trying to take advantage of sleeping in a bit on a Saturday morning. The sweet song of chirping birds was noticeably absent as I closed my eyes in the peaceful silence. Sadly, I was unable to lull myself back to sleep, so I lazily opened my eyes gazing at my bedroom ceiling where electric blue digital numbers indicated that it was 7:13. That's right, I have reached the point in my life where I no longer wish to roll all the way over to see the numbers on the actual alarm clock perched on my nightstand. My new alarm clock projects the numbers onto the ceiling, so now I simply have to open my eyes, focus, and there they glow!

I have also reached the point in my life where 7:13 is now "sleeping in." Long gone are the days where I could sleep away an entire morning waking at noon. Sluggishly, I threw off the comforter and quickly found my fuzzy slippers. The allure of coffee sent me scuttling to the kitchen. After filling my favorite coffee cup, I cozied up on the corner of my couch. From my perch, I looked across my kitchen and out the window where small flakes of snow gently fell as I warmed my hands on my steaming mug. The thought of fluffy pancakes once again crossed my mind. My eyes settled on the clock on the stove directly beneath the window, and I noticed that it read 6:21.

It's true that my brain was not firing on all pistons. After all, caffeine hadn't yet hit my bloodstream in full, but I recognized that it should not be that early. Upon closer inspection, I noticed the living room clock shared the stove's sentiment as its second hand made its way around the clock face in its usual rhythmic manner. I logically deduced the batteries worked, but why was it so early in my living room and kitchen and so late in my bedroom?

That's when I realized that my projection alarm clock was so smart that it automatically changed time in recognition of daylight savings. It just wasn't quite smart enough to know the correct date of daylight savings and sprung forward a day too soon.

Stupid smart clocks! So much for sleeping in!


  1. That happened to quite a few of my students last year. They were VERY frustrated! Fortunately, no one was late to work or anything. Still, the convenience of automation lost a little of its appeal.

    I, too, have reached the point that after seven is luxurious sleeping in. I don't think my twenty-year-old-self would have ever believed such a thing could occur!

  2. Oh no! So funny how technology that is supposed to be "smart" often makes foolish mistakes.

    I wrote about my alarm clock today too - only mine had claws! (And an inability to read the clock.)

  3. I had a smart clock that new the old dates. I had to change the time manually 4 times a year. I replaced it a few years ago for one that I have to change manually, twice a year.

  4. Oh no! Sorry you didn't get to sleep in longer...I hate early mornings! Hope you can sleep in tomorrow, or maybe a nap today!

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  5. Oh this is funny! I, too, think of 7 am as sleeping in, and, in truth, so is 6 am. But Saturdays are for lingering in bed! Love that your"new alarm clock projects the numbers onto the ceiling," I have never heard of one of these. Ha! So great!

  6. That totally happened to me this morning! My alarm clock always springs ahead or fall back an hour a day before it's supposed to. Why do you think that happens?! I was up and about this morning a while before I realized what happened. I had forgotten it did that. At least I gained an hour instead of losing one this weekend. At least for today.

  7. Wow, well you had a bit of a rehearsal for tomorrow. Seems early anyway.

  8. Oh well, at least you were up and at 'em early! We have one of those 'lazy' alarm clocks too, and it's the best...unless you can't fall asleep. Then, it taunts you!

  9. That's a funny story! Technology is nice, but only if it's dependable. ~JudyK