Tuesday, March 14, 2017

14 out of 31: A Haiku In Honor of Student-Led Conferences

I realize Haikus are typically about nature, but I felt inspired (and short on time) during student-led conferences this evening. Our student-led conferences replace typical parent-teacher conferences and really put the student in the driver's seat.

Our 7th graders created Google websites showcasing their work and shared their personal reflections, goals, and learning with their parents. I was able to float from family to family and listen to students' conversations since multiple conferences were occurring simultaneously. It was amazing!

In between parents,
Display all they learn and know
Pride swells in all hearts.


  1. Your haiku is great. Love the image of you floating between the parents/the conferences - so cool! We have student led conferences in our middle school. (I'm a preschool teacher, so they don't happen with me ;-)

  2. Happy conference day! Love the haiku--perfect way to encapsulate the day!

  3. SLCs are such a great way to empower students and allows them to take ownership over their learning goals! I can definitely visualize how this looked!

  4. I love SLC! I did my graduate research around them and your haiku captures perfectly the power and beauty of these conferences. Such a great moment!

  5. I've seen great and not-so-great SLCs, and I'm glad yours went so well.

    Also, I'm all about co-opting the haiku form for whatever I please!