Sunday, March 26, 2017

26 of 31: Today is my sister's birthday

Today is my little sister's birthday, so I wanted to write a little something for her since we live several states apart and I wasn't able to wish her happy birthday in person.

J - Just the right balance of savvy and strength
E - Enough determination to net her dreams and capture a career
N - Nursing called to her after motherhood and marriage
N - Never does she let the doubt that creeps permanently cast a shadow over her 
I - Immaculate in her housekeeping (at least before nursing school) and 
     judgmental of mine
F - Forever my best friend and not just my little sister
E - Especially for her chattiness on the phone and her ability to see things I don't
R - Rebel though she was, wise as she is, I wish her the happiest of birthdays 

With love from Biz


  1. What a sweet tribute to your sister. I love J (balance of savy and strength-I love the way that sounds) and I (a sister who is comfortable with her sister judging her housekeeping, is a valuable sister). Great acrostic!

  2. I hope you sent this to her! What a great piece. I especially like the line about housekeeping...such a small detail but one that shows your different personalities!

  3. Very sweet poem for your sister! I laughed when I read "I". Happy Birthday to your sis!