Wednesday, March 15, 2017

15 of 31: Currently I'm...

Thanks to Katie Kraushaar's amazing post I learned how to write a 'Currently' post. 
Here is the link Katie shared to help inspire you if you like this format!

ANTICIPATING: Spring Break. Luckily for me, I have just one more school day and evening filled with student-led conferences before it's officially spring break.  

CELEBRATING: A Publishing Party themed "Companion Books and Kool-aid." I cannot wait to celebrate all the hard work of my 7th graders as they share their writing about reading. I have Kool-aid as well as blueberry, chocolate, lemon poppyseed, and apple cinnamon muffins. There is nothing better than watching students share their writing while snacking!

EATING: Homemade chicken noodle soup. When I came home from my first night of conferences with the sneezing sniffles, I could just barely detect the smell of simmering chicken noodle soup. Knowing I wasn't feeling well, Morgan put his culinary skills to work and made me soup. Mmm mmm good!

LOVING: Students' Slices of Life. Between classes, during lunch, before school, my eyes are glued to my computer reading my students' slices. The beauty and creativity in their writing still blows me away! Since this is an optional contest for them, I'm also blown away by how many students stepped up to the challenge!

READING: Joe by Larry Brown. This is for my "fun" book club and though I'm only a few pages in, I find it quite compelling!

QUESTIONING: Grades! Grrr. I believe in feedback and coaching students to become stronger readers and writers. I just think that letter grades are not the most effective way to assess...they may even do more harm than good. I hope I live long enough that we get rid of them!!!

WISHING: Laundry and dishes washed themselves. I am off to remedy both of these dirty situations right now. Things have gotten a little out of control this week!


  1. I LOVE your questioning! I feel the same way. I hope you get to see the day =)

  2. Oooooo!! I love this format! How fun! And like you, I'm watching in amazement as my 6th grades slice away, far surpassing me in creativity! Also, I hate letter grades. Grade cards come out this week and I can't think of a worse way to measure your progress in life when you're 12...

  3. Hear hear about the grades! I'm hopeful that they will fall by the wayside as well. I also wish that dishes and laundry washed the case of laundry, I also wish it folded itself!