Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Where Have I Been?

Let's see. It is now the 19th day of April, and I haven't sliced or blogged since March 31. I have a million excuses about being too busy when in reality, I just haven't made the time. 

What I have made time for is binge watching shows on Amazon Prime and rereading the Harry Potter series in anticipation of my trip to the Wonderful Wizarding World of Harry Potter this summer.

1. Two seasons of Catastrophe and am eagerly awaiting the release of season three next week
2. The Man in the High Castle - still in the middle of season two
3. First three books in the series and just started Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

These shows are entertaining and thought provoking, and the books are reawakening my love of H.P.; however, these time-sucks have really put a damper on my writing. In truth, when I was writing every day, it left very little time for anything else. In another truth, I have sat down several times and stared hopelessly at the blank screen finally shutting it in frustration. And in even more truth, I feel like I lost a little of my writing magic. It must be hiding with my workout magic!

So, due to the loving (and somewhat demanding) requests of my youngest sister, here I am once again bending my fingers and warming up my writing muscles. 

Maybe the real answer is to continue writing every day. At least a little. If not on this blog, then in my writer's notebook so that I may continue to collect seeds for stories and longer pieces.

Just as soon as I finish The Man in the High Castle.

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